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Introduction to Deep Learning and Graphical Models

Introduction to Deep Learning and Graphical Models

Machine learning and especially deep learning - as a subfield of artificial intelligence - have gained tremendous interest in the last years. Deep learning has been considered one of 10 breakthrough technologies by the MIT Technology Review 2013, and has lead to amazing performance breakthroughs in many applications like image and speech processing. The goal of this lecture is to present a brief introduction to the field, covering fundamental concepts of neural networks, deep learning and graphical models. After a brief survey of important concepts in machine learning, the first part of the lecture gives a short introduction to neural networks and deep learning in computer vision. The second part focusses on the automatic localization of spatially correlated key points. This is a major problem e.g. in medical image processing, and is frequently addressed with graphical models. We outline the approach at the example of localizing and labeling the posterior ribs in X-ray images.

– Prof. Dr. Carsten Meyer, M.Sc. Alexander Oliver Mader

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    – Besonderheit: This course is especially for international students. Participants may consider the lecture "A view into the body: Introduction to medical imaging" as additional background material.
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    Mo, 06.05. von 14:15 bis 17:45C02-0.12

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