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S07WO - Workshop
Representations of Ireland in News, Film and Television

Both before and after Irish partition, various forms of media have represented the country with a ‘partitionist’ mentality. Dr Ciara Chambers will explore a range of these representations from early cinema newsreels through to international and indigenous film and television productions. Two Irelands emerge in these depictions: one is characterised by scenes of rural simplicity and the other is constituted as a dark, violent and dangerous space. The impact of these representations on both local and international audiences will be considered, alongside a critique of the various incentives implemented to encourage Irish production both north and south of the border.

Dr Chambers is Head of Film and Screen Media, University College Cork. She has worked on a range of archival projects and digitization initiatives for TV channels and produced a six-part television series which was broadcast on TG4 (

– Dr. Ciara Chambers

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