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F65A - Anderes
Big Data Meet-Up @Consist

Dive into Kafka, Flink and Splunk

During the Meet-Up we want to introduce you to Big Data technologies. Therefore there will be two lectures during the event.

Jonas Gerth will start with a talk about real-time streaming systems with a focus on Apache Kafka and Apache Flink. Afterwards a Consist employee will introduce you to the Big Data Tool Splunk. Between the lectures there will be the chance for networking with food and drinks sponsored by Consist.

The lectures can be held in German or English if required.

The event will take place in the premises of Consist Software Solution. The office is located in Friedrichsort, Christianspries 4.
Bus connections 501/502 and 91 stop almost directly in front of the door. Otherwise you can use the ferry.

– B.Sc. Jonas Gerth

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    – Die Veranstaltung ist fremdsprachig
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    – Hinweis: Die Veranstaltung wird bei Consist Software Solutions stattfinden.
    – Sprache: Deutsch, English

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    Fr, 17.05. von 15:00 bis 20:00Christianspries 4, Friedrichsort

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