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Cooking Event: Experience the German Culture of Gastronomy

This event is designed principally to enable the interaction between students.

You will work in teams to prepare a typical German meal (starters, main dish and desert) under the professional guidance of a cook from the “Pennekamp” restaurant. While cooking you will have the chance to learn about German food and pick up some food-related vocabulary and preparation skills. The dinner event will introduce you to the German dining etiquette. Come and join us for an informative and fun evening at Pennekamp restaurant!”
Location: Restaurant Pennekamp, Langensaal 45
Participants: 12
Price: 5 € (included a non-alcoholic drink)

Registration has already been completed. We are contacting you directly if places are available.
Not suitable for vegetarians!

– Christine Boudin, Sina Delfs, International Office

  1. Informationen

    – Diese Veranstaltung gibt 0 CP
    – Besonderheit: Not suitable for vegetarians!
    – Art der Veranstaltung: Anderes
    – Prüfung am Ende der Veranstaltung: Keine
    – Die Veranstaltung ist fremdsprachig
    – Kategorie: Interkulturelles und Sprachen
    – Hinweis: Registration has already been completed. You will be contacted directly if places are available.
    – Sprache: English

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    Mi, 08.05. von 16:30 bis 19:30Pennekamp

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