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F83KUS (Online) - Kurs
Visual sources methods in social work

The work of photography and documentary in social work.

Visual sources play a growing role in social and work and educational practices as they offer new tools to understand and analyze social phenomena. It is important to learn how to consider images as a medium to conceive the world and as a valuable form of social knowledge. Photographs, documentaries, even posters and cartoons that depict various images of men and women acting in the roles of parents, social care workers and nurses, can be used not just as illustrations or representations but also as important elements of a studied context – as important as official documents or personal narratives. The aim of this seminar is to contribute to social work training by providing an overview of experiences, theories and methodologies on the visual, by collecting and building knowledge based on visual material (photography, documentaries, etc.) and demonstrating its relevance to the study of human behaviour, social networks and welfare policies.

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