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F45VL (Online) - Vorlesung/Vortrag

Linking attitudes and values to sustainable behaviour

Why do some people behave in a more sustainable manner than others? Are wealth levels or infrastructure availability, e.g. good bicycle paths, always the root cause? Or are there some deeper underlying attitudes and values concerning sustainable behaviour that lie at the base and may be subconsciously directing our biases towards the topic of sustainability. This short lecture seeks to address these questions by exploring several potential origins of sustainable behaviour. It is part of an ongoing study that analyses how shifts in attitudes and values shape our sustainable behaviour and perception by correlating datasets from two large international organizations: The Environmental Performance Index and the IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook. In order to successfully complete the course, participants must: 1. Have read the uploaded article that initiated the study 2. Participated fully in the lecture 3. Send the required assignment within the deadline (TBD) after the lecture

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