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S23WO (Online) - Workshop
The Elevator Pitch

The art of talking about yourself

What is an elevator pitch? It's how you respond to the question "So, what do you do?" It's a brief, persuasive speech that sparks interest in yourself or your idea and gets other people to listen to you. You’ll discover the best practices for anticipating your audience, preparing your story, and practicing your delivery.

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S20WO (Online) - Workshop
Theatre at a Distance

Improvisation / Role Plays / Scenes reflecting how we've coped with COVID-19

In a relaxed atmosphere, we will practice speaking freely in fun situations to improve our English speaking skills, and to relax any inhibitions about speaking English. The workshop theme of THEATRE AT A DISTANCE is to create scenes related to your experience - or stories you have heard - about the Corona crisis. How have you coped? What about your families, your friends, your grandparents, even society as a whole? And so on. We will use our time together to explore the challenges we have faced during the pandemic, and the questions we face in an uncertain future. Let's come together and play it out - observing social distancing, of course!! On Day 1, we will improvise sketches together. That evening and the following morning, you will be expected to write a scene as homework, which we will workshop together on Day 2. It may be a monologue, or a scene played by two or more actors. Let's come together and use theatre as a tool to explore this "new normal"!

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