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S21WO_1CP - Workshop
Creative Writing 1&2

Words Open Worlds

TO OBTAIN 1 CREDIT POINT, you must attend BOTH Creative Writing workshops 1 & 2, and complete a finished piece of writing of 2500-3000 words by 11th December

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S19WO (Online) - Workshop
DAAD preparation course and DAAD test

This workshop will prepare participants for a DAAD test given on Thurs 3 Dec, covering writing, reading, and speaking skills. This workshop will help you optimize your English language performance for the test through continuous practice & feedback sessions and zoom discussions. The DAAD test is solely for students intending to get a DAAD language certificate for international study, internship, training and project applications, and will not be accepted as a placement test for ZSIK English language courses. The spoken assessment component of the DAAD test will be conducted conducted via Zoom individually, in pairs or groups dependent on numbers. Students requiring a DAAD language certificate who have already completed an English course @ ZSIK FH-Kiel should contact

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S18WO (Online) - Workshop
Exploring photographic genre and creating a narrative in photography

This is a workshop for those interested in photography and developing their photographic skills. We will not be covering how to use a camera, so it is designed for those with a more intermediate knowledge of photography. The aim is to increase confidence and understanding and enable students to consider how to develop and present their work further.

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S18WO_0.5CP - Workshop
Exploring photographic genre and creating a narrative in photography


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S24WO (Online) - Workshop
Presentation skills: successful presentation delivery

Do you find it nerve-racking to give presentations at university or at your work? Then you've come to the right course. Everyone gets a little nervous when they think about having to stand in front of other people and speak intelligently. This intensive workshop will give you helpful tips for making effective presentations and delivering them well. You'll learn how to organize a presentation, how to make it memorable, and how to communicate clearly. In the course, you'll have several opportunities to demonstrate the presentation skills that you learn and receive live feedback from the group. You will also have the chance to receive feedback by bringing your own presentation with you. This will help you gain the experience you need to be more confident when you give a talk either in class or on the job. Required English language: CEFR B2 (higher intermediate) minimum.

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S25WO (Online) - Workshop
Summarising a Report

The art of summarising business documents

Of course you learned how to summarize a piece of writing in senior school, but do you know how to apply that knowledge to a business document? More important, do you know how to summarise a piece of writing correctly in English? This workshop will give you the opportunity to practise this skill. We'll look at different types of business documents, but your "final effort" will be a summary of a report. We'll cover the structure and vocabulary needed for this skill so that you can take such future assignments in your stride!

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S23WO (Online) - Workshop
The Elevator Pitch

The art of talking about yourself

What is an elevator pitch? It's how you respond to the question "So, what do you do?" It's a brief, persuasive speech that sparks interest in yourself or your idea and gets other people to listen to you. You’ll discover the best practices for anticipating your audience, preparing your story, and practicing your delivery.

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S20WO (Online) - Workshop
Theatre at a Distance

Improvisation / Role Plays / Scenes reflecting how we've coped with COVID-19

In a relaxed atmosphere, we will practice speaking freely in fun situations to improve our English speaking skills, and to relax any inhibitions about speaking English. The workshop theme of THEATRE AT A DISTANCE is to create scenes related to your experience - or stories you have heard - about the Corona crisis. How have you coped? What about your families, your friends, your grandparents, even society as a whole? And so on. We will use our time together to explore the challenges we have faced during the pandemic, and the questions we face in an uncertain future. Let's come together and play it out - observing social distancing, of course!! On Day 1, we will improvise sketches together. That evening and the following morning, you will be expected to write a scene as homework, which we will workshop together on Day 2. It may be a monologue, or a scene played by two or more actors. Let's come together and use theatre as a tool to explore this "new normal"!

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F112WO - Workshop
ZZZ-Abgesagt Robotics: Control and Navigation

Following topics will be covered: - Introduction to Robot Control - Introduction to Robot Navigation - Humanoid Robot Pepper - Overview - Simultanious Localization And Mapping - Overview - SLAM-Algorithms for Pepper

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